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Justin Bieber Paparazzi Fight: The Singer and Selena Gomez Wanted for ... - Celebuzz

Biebs Fights the Paps

Details into Justin Bieber's alleged altercation with a photographer. Read More »

Bieber's Pap Speaks Out

Justin Bieber Fight
Photographer who scuffled with Justin Bieber comes forward. Read More »

Three months later, the case of Justin Bieber‘s infamous brawl with a pesky photographer has yet to be settled.

The singer â€" along with his girlfriend Selena Gomez â€" are now wanted for further questioning regarding the scuffle.

Bieber, 18, allegedly struck a photographer â€" who Celebuzz identified as Jose Sarros â€" in the face after he got too close to the pop sensation and his gal outside the Calabasas Commons on May 28.

What’s the Biebs to do now?

According to TMZ, the cops plans to reach out to the “Boyfriend” crooner and Gomez, 20, for an interview â€" though no contact has been made yet.

The case was originally sumbitted to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office for review, but has since been sent back for more information.

After the scuffle, Sarros immediately called the cops as onlooking photogs snapped shots of Gomez calming down her enraged beau, according to the police report obtained by Celebuzz. The couple were not present at scene as they had left prior to deputies’ arrival.

Sarros complained about pain in his upper torso after the fight, but he was taken to a hospital, treated, then released that very same day.

“My fans have always been there. from day 1. they are there for me thru everything,” Bieber tweeted on the afternoon of the fight. “They lift me up. so…im there for them. always.#FACT”

Likewise, Gomez also thanked her fans’ support during the difficult time. That same day, she posted on her personal Facebook:

THANKS YOU SO MUCH to my fans for always protecting me and being there for me. I can’t thank you guys enough. I’m sorry I had to rush out. Love you guys.

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