Sunday, September 16, 2012

Justin Bieber's latest antics not seen as 'hot and sexy' -

Just when you think Justin Bieber is maturing and growing out of his boyhood antics, along comes a picture of him in a rather vulgar looking pose. While some say Justin looks sexy doing what he is doing in a new picture he posted on Twitter this weekend, many more agree that he looks “raunchy.”

In reports last week Justin and Selena Gomez were buying some land to build their dream home, in what most would consider a very grownup move. Then come Saturday Justin posts this picture of him and two male friends and in this picture he is purposely grabbing his crotch for the camera.

Check out Justin's crotch grabbing picture here on ShowBiz Spy.

Hollywood Life posted this picture and asked readers if they found Justin acting “hot and sexy” or just plain “raunchy.” Believe it or not almost 70% of the readers who voted checked off “raunchy.”

The comments that the article got also reflected that this picture wasn’t received well at all. He was called a “creepy kid” by one commenter. The thought that he would post a picture like this when “there are 8 and 9 year old girls who adore him and have to see this is …….disgusting,” wrote another commenter.

Then of course there’s Selena Gomez, who is the epitome of a lady and once she gets a gander at this she’s sure to find this embarrassing. What he was trying to prove or convey in this picture is unknown, but it certainly goes against the grain of a mature young man.

If not out of respect for his fans, he should at least have respect for Selena and not post this. How will she feel when her mother or other family members see the boy she loves behaving like this?

He needs to take a good look at what he is doing, after walking away from the VMA’s this year for the first time without an award, it looks as if his popularity could be waning. This is just not the way to turn things around.

Reference: Hollywood Life

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