“Hotel Transylvania,” the next hair-raising, knee-slapping, and shoe-losing animated comedy?

The Bieb’s younger siblings, Jaxon and Jazymn, seem to thinks so. The two attended the film’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival over the weekend with their brother’s affectionate girlfriend, and star of the film, Selena Gomez.

On Sunday, Entertainment Weekly caught up with Gomez, who voices Dracula’s (Adam Sandler) teenage daughter Mavis in the movie, and asked the 20 year-old actress for the Bieb siblings’ final verdict on the animated film.

“They loved it. They enjoyed it. We lost some shoes, and they got really excited, but it was good,” Gomez told EW.com.

What’s all the excitement about? Perhaps the siblings, like Count Dracula, became a bit overprotective when human boy Jonathan (Andy Samberg) falls for Selena Gomez’s character in “Hotel Transylvania.”

“That’s a good quote for the movie. ‘The movie’s so good you’ll lose your shoes!’” Samberg told EW.com.

But hold on to your hats! There’s more to come, the movie isn’t set to be released nationwide until September 28.

Check out the trailer below.

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