Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Selena Gomez Covers Up at LAX After Bashed for 'Fuller Figure' in Miami - Gather Celebs News Channel

Selena Gomez has landed back in Los Angeles after spending a weekend soaking up the sun in Miami with some gal pals. She took advantage of the heat and stripped down to a tiny bikini and worshiped the sun by a hotel pool. Photos of Selena sunbathing have hit the internet and unfortunately, the 20-year-old's body is being heavily scrutinized. Talk about making a girl feel self-conscious.

The former Disney darling was spotted at LAX late last night, and she was not giving anybody the chance to criticize her body. She covered up head to toe. Gone was the two-piece and in its place Selena covered up in jeans, a jacket over a loose-fitting and ripped t-shirt and a fringed scarf.

Photos of Selena lounging poolside reveal she still has an enviable figure despite a headline insinuating she has packed on the pounds. She was very thin before, and now she simply looks like a healthy young woman. The site guilty of the shameful headline made sure to post an unflattering picture of Selena's waistline and backside to prove their point.

Selena's fans are not pleased with the description of the Spring Breakers star and are sounding off. Rumors she is pregnant have already been floating around, and words like "fuller figure" will only add fuel to the fire.

It is sad that a young woman is faced with such hateful comments about her body. She was clearly feeling a little insecure by the pool as it was, judging by the way she kept her wrap around her body. These nasty headlines do not only hurt Selena Gomez, but the millions of young girls who look up to her. What does it say to a 14-year-old girl when Selena is essentially called fat for looking like a healthy woman? It is irresponsible and dangerous.

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