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Selena Gomez Defends Risqué Role — "It's About Me Being Passionate About ... -

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James Franco had all his leading ladies on his arms for their Toronto International Film Festival Spring Breakers photocall and press conference on Friday. Selena Gomez, who has two films at TIFF, the other being Hotel Transylvania, was decked out in Dolce & Gabbana. Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine rounded out their crew, all of whom just came from the movie's official debut in Venice. Selena wore custom Atelier Versace for that premiere , and she has several more occasions to show off her red-carpet style now that she's here in Canada. During this afternoon's press conference, the girls were asked if they felt like they missed out on having a real Spring break experience since they all started acting so young, and Selena responded no, since the trade-off is getting to be here. James jumped in to say that they did mingle a bit while shooting in Florida, and he got to see "all these thick-necked jock dudes trying to grind up on Selena."

Selena also momentarily mentioned worry that her fans will be shocked to see her in this role. She said, "What I do is for my fans â€" my shows and my clothing lines; everything is for them. When I took on this movie, I knew it wouldn't be suitable for that generation. It was hard in that aspect. It's hard for people to take me seriously that way, because of the brand that I've been given, which I'm thankful for, but having people put you in this little box, it's hard to put all of that together and make it right and smooth. It's not me breaking out into anything. It's just about me being passionate about the acting I do."

Tomorrow Selena will switch gears to show off her movie that's more suited for her younger fans, Hotel Transylvania. Check back for all our TIFF updates and movie reviews straight from the action!

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