Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Selena Gomez: Did she outgrow Justin Bieber? -

Selena Gomez was caught in a series of photos on Tuesday as she made her way to a hotel where she will be staying while in Venice for her “Spring Breakers” premiere. The very mature looking and acting Selena seems to be in contrast lately to her long time teen crooner boyfriend, Justin Bieber. She presents so grown up while reports put Justin still presenting with antics of a high-school student.

The former “Disney” kid walked past the awaiting paparazzi as if they were invisible, she didn’t even crack a smile their way, she just stayed focused on her destination. Selena is acting like a young woman and not a kid, and she's been doing this for some time now as she seems to have matured greatly in the last year or so.

Check out the new photos of Selena arriving in Vienna here on Gossip Center.

New reports over the weekend suggest that Selena is outgrowing Justin, according to Gather. In the last few months, Selena’s other half has been in the headlines for some inappropriate behavior. Justin’s been under scrutiny recently for making some bad choices, like holding a gun on a man while posing for a picture and using foul language on a flight within earshot of passengers who were none too pleased.

He’s also been somewhat flippant, such as the insulting comments he made about Prince William’s receding hairline. Around the same time he made a remark about “getting free gas” in Canada due to his heritage, according to Selena on the other hand goes along quietly, politely and without uttering a word that could possibly be taken as an insult or even a dig at another person.

News of Selena’s “new grown up” appearance is even making headlines across the pond with Mail Online noting that she “rocks a new grown up look ahead of her movie premiere.” They also point out that “she’s making sure the world knows she is no longer a child star.”

The contrast of maturity levels between Justin and Selena don't seem to be a problem from what the fans see, but this seems to be a different story behind the scenes. New reports are claiming that Selena is finding Justin’s recent actions a bit immature and the way he is acting is “turning Selena off,” according to Gather.

Selena’s seen Justin go from someone who was considerate to someone who is less kind to others than he has been in the past. He has a tendency to dress all in black, with his pants hanging down across his rear-end as if he’s role playing something he’s not. According to Gather this isn’t the Bieber she fell in love with. Did Selena Gomez outgrow Justin Bieber? What do you think?

Video: Justin Bieber tweets all about his new crown tattoo as seen in video above.

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