Saturday, September 15, 2012

Selena Gomez goes grunge for 'Getaway' -

Selena Gomez and co-star Ethan Hawke figured out how to escape the Georgia late-summer heat Friday, while filming The Getaway near Atlanta. They started filming night scenes. Picture Selena running around in a grungy and very short, low cut white tee shirt. Add ripped jeans with a wide black belt, unlaced boots and a zip-up hoodie, reports Celebrity Gossip. Her characterâ€"the classic Ali McGraw roleâ€"is trying to escape the cops after a jewel heist or something of that nature. It’s the new, serious-actress Selena Gomez, playing another bad girl.

Selena’s pal and another ex-Disney princess Ashley Tisdale, also in Atlanta to film a movie, dropped by the set for a chat. Ashley was wearing a cute little white shorts outfit, while Selena got gritty road dust all over her biker boots. The scene involved an old car, shot full of bullet holes. Fortunately, there were no holes in Selena. Possibly her fans wish she would go back to the kind of movies where the stars just prance around in pretty clothes. But those movies seldom win awards.

Ashley wanted to show off the wedding ring she wears in Scary Movie 5. She later tweeted: “Visiting my girl @selenagomez on the set of her movie The Getaway. So many movies shooting in Atlanta! #loveit.” Selena seems to be flashing a diamond ring too, but on her right hand. No word yet on how long she’ll be in Atlanta. Justin Bieber will be getting lonely.

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