Saturday, September 1, 2012

Selena Gomez Hotel Transylvania “Old Friends” Trailer - BSCkids

A new trailer of Selena Gomez’s Hotel Transylvania came out and it is called Old Friends. It shows a wide range of strange creatures that are featured in the movie as hotel guest in Dracula’s hotel. The movie also features Adam Sandler, who plays Selena’s character Mavis’ father (Dracula). The movie is being released on September 28th, which is just in time for Halloween. You can catch the new trailer down below if you wish to see it. Please be warned that it doesn’t have much Mavis in it, but it is still fun enough to watch and to get a sampling of what the movie will actually be like in the theaters.

I am glad that they released the new one. I feel like this movie isn’t getting enough hype as it should now that we are actually closer to its release. I find that extremely strange and it makes me sad, but hopefully Selena Gomez fans won’t forget and turn out for it. I would love to see it having a huge sales at the box office on its opening weekend. How amazing would that be for her and Adam? I don’t think anyone expects that, but a girl can dream for that to happen.

How do you like the new trailer? Does it make you want to go out and watch it once it comes out? It doesn’t for me since I already want to see it. But I can see how it might have that affect on some people. Nobody wants to avoid a cute movie that will makes kids and parents both laugh, which I think this one will do. Hopefully Adam will start doing his rounds of media tour now that it is almost here and Selena is busy working on a new movie. That should help remind some people who do not follow her that a new family film is almost here now.

article source-Disney InfoNet

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