Monday, September 3, 2012

Selena Gomez in Paris, rocker style -

Selena Gomez, sans Justin Bieber, was spotted Sunday in the Charles de Gaulle international airport in Paris, on her way to Italy for the Venice Film Festival. Her movie, Spring Breakers, is set to premiere Wednesday at the world-wide event, reports Daily Mail, and early critic reports sound good. Apparently, news updates say she made a stopover in the French capital, to take care of a little Twitter business.

Selena looked every inch a rock star, as she strode through the terminalâ€"and the streets of Parisâ€"in studded biker boots. She wore leggings and a white, sleeveless blouse, little jewelry except for the black shades, and a black sweater tied around her waist.

Selena Gomez spent the night in Paris. On Monday, her first order of business was a stop at the NRJ studios for a live chat airing Monday morning in the U.S. “Paris!!!!” the singer tweeted. “On my way to @NRJhitmusiconly for my live twitter chat. See you soon :).” Here, she had changed to a sparkly blouse, and she sparkled, herself, as she talked about her plans and her future movies.

This edgy (the tab calls it risqué) film, premiering at the festival, is an important break-out role for Selena, who says she will never make another romantic comedy like last year’s Monte Carlo. She’s done with girlish and cutesy. In Spring Breakers, she lies, steals and does drugsâ€"mostly while wearing a skimpy bikini, showing off her all-grown-up body. Vanessa Hudgens is a partner in crime, and James Franco plays a drug king-pin.

Selena arrives in Italy sometime midweek. The movie opens in the U.S. sometime next year.

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