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( Well Selena Gomez has managed to maintain a fairly clean, good-girl image despite being a Hollywood star. Selena Gomez has so far managed to successfully navigate the transition from child actress to serious actress without being at the center of any major scandals.

Her relationship with Justin Bieber likely helps keep her grounded and everybody knows his devotion to the Man upstairs. He has a giant tattoo of Jesus on his leg. Justin Bieber is serious about being a Christian, but  apparently, Selena Gomez is not. Yikes! That could definitely cause some problems in the future!

During a recent interview for her Spring Breakers film, Selena Gomez talked about the audition process she went through. Director Harmony Korine is a little edgy and apparently the artwork in his home reflects his free-spirited personality. Korine invited Selena Gomez to his house to audition, but before she showed up, he hid all of his “crazy artwork.” He says, “I didn’t want to spook her.”

Selena Gomez laughs it off and candidly responds, “Justin Bieber thought I was like this super, super Christian. And he put away all of this art. I was like, ‘If I was a Christian girl, I probably wouldn’t have done this movie with him.’” Her Disney girl image is certainly sporting some tarnish now.

That is some dangerous territory. Did Selena Gomez just alienate some of her fans and possibly some Beliebers as well? This alone lets us know that Justin Bieber is a true devoted lover. Not many strong christians would still be in a relationship like this. In good news Justin Bieber is once again King of Pop. Unlike many Justin Bieber has another platinum album under his belt. Justin Bieber also is ready to tackle hollywood again.


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