Sunday, September 16, 2012

Selena Gomez talks about challenging role in 'Spring Breakers' - FansShare

Selena Gomez has recently finished her time on air as the face of the Disney show, 'Wizards of Waverly Place'.  Her first role away from Disney (although she has done other roles during her stint on 'Wizards') is as different from the Disney image as you can get.  Her role in Spring Breakers (while reportedly the least risky of all the other characters) is still a role that might not be something her young fans may be able to watch.  When asked about the importance of the role to her career in an interview with the Upcoming, Gomez answers "I mean, I do specific things in my career that are tailored for a specific audience. Obviously I have a younger generation that looks at me, and I really appreciate that, and I just did an animated movie. So, I want to respect that and still do things that will earn me that respect. But I also want to do things that challenge me and put me out of my element, and when I met Harmony I completely trusted him and I just felt like this was the safest place I could try this, to be who I want to be and try to become a better actress."

Gomez also talks about playing the only character with a moral compass, something her character, Faith, and her have in common.  In addition, she's asked about improvisation, to which she jokingly replies that she never wants to do a movie with lines again.  "I don’t want to do a movie with lines again! It forces you to really become that person. You know there is a guideline and you know what you are supposed to be portraying, but you are the one making the words and creating the scene. I’ve never faced such a testing challenge, and it was really fun. It will be hard to go back to memorising a bunch of lines."

Selena Gomez

'Spring Breakers' is directed by Harmony Korine and co-stars Gomez with Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine.  

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